Q2 2020 Performance Report

As expected in this game the learning never stops. I think I took a lot more lessons out of Q2, but sometimes it is hard to know. It's always easier to look in the rear view mirror and think about things that you should have done differently. Looking back now on the market we have [...]

Q1 2020 Performance Report

Markets over the last 3 months have been eventful to put things lightly. The market has offered up high levels of volatility and over the course of the period sizeable moves in both directions. My performance for the quarter wasn't quite what I would have liked it to be but what it has provided me [...]

Q4 Performance Report

This one is a hard performance report to write but I started a process and I intend to continue it so I will push through In my Q3 report I spoke a little about what my 2019 goals were and what I was looking to improve on. At that point it was going pretty well [...]

Q3 Performance Report

I started my 2019 trading year with a few goals that I wanted to achieve. They were as follows: Improve my processes around the way I tradeImprove my mentality around the way I tradeLearn to use TA as part of my tool kit. So ¾’s of the way through the year seems like a good [...]

Unremarkable – My Tale.

I notice lately what feels like an increase of what has been a trend on fintwit or HC for a while now where everyone seems to have to have a label. Many want to claim they are poor old retail being led to the slaughter, and in the eyes of this group if you aren’t [...]

Pivoting Focus

Today I am going to try and explain the value in being able to pivot focus as a speculator at the small end of the market as it appears to be something that isn’t necessarily natural for most retail investors. Investment Styles I will preface this discussion by looking at a few different investment styles [...]